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Fire safety in the home

How to prevent having a fire in your home, what to do in the event of a fire and find out more about our home safety visits.

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Home safety visits

Do an online safety check of your home and learn about our home safety visits and how to book one.

Smoke alarms

Advice on choosing, testing and fitting smoke alarms. Troubleshooting problems with smoke alarms.

Rented properties

Fire safety advice for people living in rented accommodation. 

Gardens, sheds and garages

How to keep prevent a fire from starting in your outside environment at home, and know what to do in the event of a fire. 

Workplaces and businesses

Fire safety advice and legal responsibilities for businesses. Risk assessments, inspections, fire prevention and safety. Report a concern.

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Farms and agriculture

How to protect your farm from fire including advice on how to store hay and straw to lower the risk of fire. 

Reporting a fire risk

How to report a concern about fire safety in a business, from what we can help with to where to get help.

Inspections and enforcement

What happens during a fire safety inspection and how we enforce the law. View our enforcement register and learn how to report a safety concern to us. 

Wildfires and safety outdoors

Prevent wildfires, stay safe in adverse weather and around water. Fire safety when on holiday.

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Wildfire safety

How to prepare for a wildfire, what to do if you see a wildfire, causes of wildfires and how to prevent them.

Adverse weather conditions

How to stay safe in severe weather conditions such as flooding, and learn about how to prevent wildfires.

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Support for carers

How to help someone you're caring for reduce their risk of having a fire, and how to communicate what they should do in the event of a fire.

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Disabled people

How to keep disabled people safe from fire, book a home safety visit and communicate an escape plan, with information on specialist equipment.

Keeping someone safe

How to spot risks in someone's home and what support is available, including home safety visits.

Oxygen users

Safety advice for carers using specialist health care equipment and oxygen.


Information on why hoarding is a fire risk and what you can do to help someone keep safe.

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Smoking is the most common cause of fatal fires. See our safety advice.

Parents and carers of children

Advice for parents and carers on how to communicate fire safety to children and help them stay safe in the event of a fire.

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Keeping children safe from fire

Advice for parents and carers to help them teach fire safety to children, keep them safe and help them know what to do in the event of a fire.

Children playing with fire

How to recognise firesetting behaviour in children, advice and how to seek help.

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Making an escape plan

Advice to help parents and carers make an escape plan and communicate it with children.

School visits

What the fire service does to teach children about fire safety, what to expect and how to book a session.

On the road

How to stay safe on the road, with safety advice for drivers, motorcyclists and young people.

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Motorcycle safety

How to stay safe on the road if you're a motorcyclist.

Young drivers

Find out about our events for young drivers and how to stay safe on the roads. 


Find out about our upcoming events and how to organise a safety talk or demonstration. 

After an incident

Support for witnesses of traumatic incidents and practical advice for people who have had a property fire.

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Support after an incident

If you've been involved in a traumatic incident or been a witness to one, you may find it helpful to get some support to help you deal with your experience. 

Visit our information pages for more details on available support and who to contact. 


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