What we spend

It is a requirement for the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority to set a level of revenue budget and council tax before the start of the forthcoming financial year 2021/22.

At the budget setting meeting on 19 February 2021, the Authority approved a total net revenue budget of £74,222,000 for 2021/22, funded as shown in the table below.

Revenue budget
Item £000
Formula funding grant £6,424
Share of non-domestic business rates £13,088
District councils collection funds £54,790
Total £74,222


It is a legislative requirement that the Authority informs, by 1 March each year, each of the council tax collecting Authorities within Devon and Somerset of the level of council tax for each property valuation band associated with the precepts due for the year in question.

These figures are shown in the table below.

Government multiplier
Valuation band Ratio Percentage Council tax £
A 6/9 0.667 60.00
B 7/9 0.778 70.00
C 8/9 0.889 80.00
D 1 1.000 90.00
E 11/9 1.222 110.00
F 13/9 1.444 130.00
G 15/9 1.667 150.00
H 18/9 2.000 180.00


Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority is responsible for the governance arrangements for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.


Spending plans
Spending plans 2020/21 £m 2021/22 £m
Gross expenditure 85.8 87.1
Income from specific grants, fees, and charges (7.5) (11.9)
Council tax freeze grant (1.1) (1.1)
Central government funding (16.9) (13.0)
Business rates retention - local authority (5.6) (6.3)
Council tax requirement (54.7) (54.8)


Changes in spending

In 2021/22 the spending requirement for the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority will be £3.0m less than in 2020/21.  These changes are a result of the following:


Changes in spending
Classification of spend Changes to expenditure £million
Contractual pay and price increases 0.205
Inescapable commitments 0.151
Budget savings (0.362)
New investment including development firefighters 0.667
Reserve contribution 0.655
Section 31 grant (4.370)
Total changes (3.054)


The Authority requires a council tax level of £90.00 for a Band D household. This represents an increase of 1.99% compared to the 2020/21 figure.

Medium Term Financial Plan 2021 to 2022.odt
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Reserves Strategy 2021-2022

Reserves Strategy 2021-2022.pdf

Reserves Strategy 2021-2022

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