The Great Fire of London

In 1666, a devastating fire tore through the capital, destroying over 13,000 homes and leaving 100,000 people homeless.

Today, this tragic event serves as a stark reminder about the dangers of fire, and we use it to reinforce the importance of fire safety and prevention to children.

We don’t teach this topic on our school visits, but we've created lots of resources to share with your class.

Great Fire of London painting

What we cover

Our resources will help your class to understand:

  • how the Great Fire of London started
  • why the fire spread
  • what equipment people used to fight the fire
  • how effective the equipment was
  • how the fire service works today and how this affects fighting fires now
  • how we can prevent a fire starting.


You can use our video and worksheets to teach your class about the Great Fire of London.

DSFRS - Great Fire of London - Lesson Plan and Teaching notes.pdf
Great Fire of London task sheets

This task sheet has exercises and activities you can use to teach your class about the Great Fire of London. 


The Great Fire of London

An educational video for children.

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An important safety note: As with most fire services across the country, we strongly discourage any sort of re-enactment of the Great Fire of London involving burning models. These active displays are not only a fire risk, but they also promote dangerous fire setting behaviour to children.

Read the National Fire Chiefs Council position statement about re-enactments.