Managing fire safety in a shared premises

Where you share the premises with others there will be more than one responsible person. This may include other businesses, the owner of the building, a management company and leaseholders.

Each occupier will have a responsibility to comply with fire safety law.

Working with other responsible persons

It is important that you work together to ensure everyone within the building is kept safe.

You should:

  • exchange information on the significant risks identified from the risk assessments
  • share the fire safety measures that are in place
  • coordinate your emergency plans so that everyone in the building knows what to do in the event of a fire or on hearing an alarm
  • make sure any shared escape routes (or those that pass through premises that are not under your control) are always available to use in an emergency and checked regularly
  • know who has responsibility for installing and maintaining fire safety equipment in the building. For example, the building may be fitted with a communal fire alarm system.