Early years, reception and year one

See our resources to support the teaching of the national curriculum topic 'People who help us', along with some simple safety advice.

Fire engine toy

Our resources

The content of the resource packs will help you teach children:

  • how the fire service help us
  • who helps the fire service
  • simple safety and prevention advice
  • the number to call in an emergency.

This includes:

  • a presentation with live footage of fire engines and firefighters at work
  • age-appropriate tasks and presentations in clear and simple formats
  • content that can be built on in subsequent sessions carried out by our education advocates that links to the PSHE curriculum
  • teaching notes with key messages that help support delivery and can be adapted
  • a set of tasks to consolidate learning and understanding (for use in class or as homework).

To request a copy of our resources, please email education@dsfire.gov.uk

Fire Service visit to support delivery

If you would like additional support from the Service to help deliver the topics of 'People who help us' or 'Heroes in our community' etc. please complete this form.

Please note: though a request has been made, this does not guarantee availability of our staff to visit the school, pre-school or nursery.

We ask that school staff do not directly approach stations, firefighters, parents/friends/relatives of firefighters to request a visit. Use the form or email education@dsfire.gov.uk.