Maisy's story

"Every day I feel like I pick up another skill!"

Maisy standing in front of some ferns

"I’m the Apprentice for the Communications and Engagement team. I’m currently studying towards a Level 3 qualification in Digital Marketing with Exeter College. While four days of my week are spent getting practical experience in the Service, my other day is spent studying for my course at college.

Working at the Service really compliments my course, and I often find myself studying something that then pops up in my job role! My apprenticeship is for 18 months, and I’ve learned so much already.

My creative nature is what attracted me to marketing and I get to use that side of me every day in my apprenticeship. From writing blog posts to coming up with design concepts, there’s so much creativity and variety to marketing for the Service. What’s even better is that I get to do it all while making a difference and helping to protect my community.  

Every day I feel like I pick up another skill! I have learned how to write copy for social media, articles, and weekly staff newsletters, create animations, carry out user tests for website building, create surveys from scratch, and evaluate data to put into reports…just to name a few!

The highlight of my role so far was when I was given the opportunity to run the social media campaign for International Control Room Week, despite being new to my role. I got to lead on the project, which was all about celebrating our Fire Control operators and spreading awareness of what they do.

I would without a doubt recommend an apprenticeship at DSFRS. The support I have had from day one has been incredible. I’m seen as a valued and respected member of the team and I know I could go to any of my colleagues if I had concerns. Despite having to work from home because of Covid-19, I’ve been really well looked after and have still developed just as much as I would have in the office. It’s an amazing experience - I love it!"