Report a problem with a hydrant

If you notice an issue with a fire hydrant in your local area please get in touch. Our team is on hand to offer advice and support on a range of hydrant-related matters.

Report an issue

Please let us know if a fire hydrant is: 

  • damaged, missing, or covered up
  • may need to be removed or relocated
  • broken
  • leaking
  • being blocked (e.g. by a parked car)
  • being used illegally.

Some of the things we want to know about


Damaged, missing, or covered fire hydrant markers

We can usually fix missing, damaged, or covered fire hydrant markers, so please contact us to report any problems.
You can help by cutting back any plants or bushes that are covering a fire hydrant marker. Please contact us should you require any assistance with this.

Relocation or removal of fire hydrant markers

If you are planning to undertake works to your property that might have an impact on a fire hydrant or its marker please get in touch. 
Sometimes a fire hydrant marker will need to be relocated or removed. For example, if someone wants to remove a boundary wall, or to install or widen driveway access.
If a driveway is being installed or altered, we may need to check the potential for any impact on the hydrant itself. For example, to confirm that there is enough clearance for a hydrant cover to be lowered for installation of a dropped kerb.

Broken or missing fire hydrant covers and frames

Contact us to report any dangerous, missing, or broken fire hydrant frames or covers.

Leaking fire hydrants

If you notice a fire hydrant that you think is leaking please contact us and we will be happy to investigate.
Most leaks are below ground and not visible, but you may hear a hiss or the sound of running water from above. Leaks on the surface do not always mean that a fire hydrant is broken. It may come from supply pipes which are the responsibility of the water company, and water run-off following heavy rainfall can also break ground through fire hydrant chambers.
Leaks from fire hydrants and water supply pipes can affect the availability of water for firefighting. Prompt attention will help to reduce the amount of water running to waste. 

Unauthorised or illegal use of fire hydrants

It is illegal to use a fire hydrant to obtain water for purposes other than fire fighting unless authorised by the water authority or another person to whom the hydrant belongs (Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, section 42, subsection 6).

Please contact us if you suspect a fire hydrant is being used illegally or without authorisation. Key pieces of information such as the registration and any company names on a vehicle, together with the date, time, and location of the activity will be very helpful, but please avoid confrontation with suspected offenders.
Water companies may allow third parties to take water from fire hydrants, so not all non-fire service use will be illegal, but different water companies operate different schemes for this.

Obstruction of fire hydrants

It is an offence (other than for specified purposes) to obstruct a fire hydrant (Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, section 42, subsection 7). Rule 243 of the Highway Code also states ‘DO NOT stop or park anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services’.

Most commonly fire hydrant obstructions are caused by parked vehicles, but our hydrant technicians have found hydrants obstructed beneath potted plants, staddle stones, fences, skips, wheelie bins, fly-tipped waste, stored building materials, and even a dung heap on one occasion.

Please be considerate when parking near a yellow marker plate indicating the position of a fire hydrant, as you may inadvertently prevent access to a fire hydrant when needed. Help us raise awareness by asking friends, relatives, and neighbours to be aware, as this could save time in an emergency.

Please contact us to report any repeated or habitual obstruction of a fire hydrant.