Think before you drink – plan ahead to avoid drink-driving

Photo of a group of workers drinking during a Christmas party.

Don’t drink drive - it’s not worth the risk

With the Christmas party season getting started, we’re encouraging you to plan ahead and reduce your risk of inadvertently drink-driving the morning after.

Driving when over the alcohol limit is dangerous and illegal. Yet many people don’t realise you could still be over the limit 24 hours after your last drink.

We are raising awareness of the risks of drink driving the morning after. Test out your skills by taking our Think before you drink Christmas quiz

Read our safety information below and take the quiz.

Did you know?

If you drink five pints of lager and two gin and tonics, you will need to wait approximately 12 hours after your last drink for you to be able to drive. This means, if you stopped drinking at 1am you would need to wait until at least 1pm the next day before you can drive.

Hangover cures don’t work

It’s commonly thought that a shower, a coffee, a walk or run or a big meal or greasy breakfast will sober you up. The only cure for alcohol to leave your system is to wait until it has worked its way out of your system. 

Our top alternatives to driving the morning after

Here are some ideas to avoid putting yourself or others at risk.

  1. Nominate a ‘lift legend’ – someone in your group to drive you home or to work the following morning.
  2. Book a taxi, use public transport or arrange a lift with friends and family who have not been part of your night out.
  3. Drink non-alcoholic drinks instead.
  4. Take the following day off work – and enjoy the lie in!

"We all know drink driving is illegal but many people may not consider the implications of a night out when it comes to driving the next morning. We are encouraging people to think ahead and consider their travel plans for the morning after, use public transport where possible or arrange a lift with a friend or colleague.”

- Chris Boston, watch manager and road safety officer.

Come and speak to us

Our road safety team will be attending events at venues across Devon and Somerset over the festive period to provide information about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Here's where we'll be: 

Wednesday 1 December, Broadway shopping centre, Plymouth

Thursday 2 December, Tesco, Barnstaple

Saturday 4 December, Newton Abbot Christmas Market

Thursday and Friday, 9 and 10 December, Tesco, Exeter Vale

Tuesday and Wednesday, 14 and 15 December, Sainsbury's, Dartmouth

Thursday, 16 December, Tavistock young farmers meeting (evening event)

Tuesday, 21 December, Morrisons, Bideford.

Terms and conditions

This quiz is organised by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service to raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving the morning after a night out. We want people to make safe alternative plans
for the next day with the aim of reducing the number of unnecessary collisions on our roads.

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