Property fire

10.06am - 13 September 2023
Last updated
11.10pm - 15 September 2023
Incident type
Building (other)
Attending station
Newton Abbot

Fire Control received a call from a member or the public reporting a large shed on fire within their garden. 

Control immediately mobilised 2 Fire Engines from Crownhill and Plympton. 

Following further numerous calls from other members of the public, control mobilised another Fire Engine from Greenbank and a Water Carrier from Torquay.

Once on scene crews confirmed numerous outbuildings damaged by fire and were at work using 4 x Breathing Apparatus, 1 x Main Jet, 2 Hose Reel Jets, 1 x Triple Extension Ladder and Thermal Imaging Cameras. 

Shortly after this information Crews made an assistance message for 'Make Pumps 4' and 'Make Up For Environmental Protection Appliance' due to the presence of asbestos roof sheeting, these further resources came from Greenbank and Newton Abbot respectively.

Update 12:08

This incident has now been sectorised into 2 sectors. Sector 3 has 3 x Breathing Apparatus Wearers comitted, crews have managed to contain approximately 100 Litres of spilt diesel from a tank using Environmental Protection Equipment to prevent it form entering a nearby water source. Crews are currently being decontaminated from lower hazard asbestos that's expected to be involved. 

Update 13:30

This incident is currently in the process of being scaled back. 

A further update will be provided later.