Specialist Rescue Tender (SRT)

If you want to know what a Specialist Rescue Tender is, find out how many there are in our service or who maintains it, this is the right place to be.

What an SRT is

This vehicle is for Specialist Rescue Operations. This could be at estuarial and inland water rescues (including attendance at flooding), lifting and rescuing from height, or at animal rescues.

What it looks like


Where it's used

There are currently five SRTs in service. Bridgwater, Barnstaple, Camels Head (Plymouth),
Exmouth and the Specialist Operations team based at Service Headquarters each have their own.

They all share responsibility for the remaining area. Exmouth undertakes water and animal rescues only, whilst the Specialist Operations team cover all aspects as part of their duties.

Although located in the listed areas, the SRTs can all be deployed elsewhere to provide support for the other stations where required, or even across county borders to assist other fire services.

How it's maintained

All vehicles and their equipment are maintained by the Fleet Maintenance team, who are based at one of four workshops throughout the two counties. 

The only exceptions to this are the vehicle's communications systems (radio or mobile data links) which are maintained by the Communications department, which is based at Service Headquarters.

People who crew the vehicle

An OIC (which stands for Officer-In-Charge), a driver and up to four other crew as well.

Equipment on the vehicle

  • For line rescues: a wide-ranging choice of lines, life jackets, harnesses, stretches, lifting or lowering and securing devices.
  • For water rescues: throwlines, life jackets, personal flotation devices and wading depth poles.
  • For animal rescues: harnesses, lifting slings and animal restraints. 

The different types

  • Iveco 4x4 5.5 tonne daily.
  • Mercedes 519CDI Sprinter (Exmouth).











Gross vehicle weight