If you've ever wondered what an Argocat is, or just want to learn more about this vehicle, then you're in the right place. Find out what it looks like, what it's used for, where it's used and how big it is here.

What the Argocat is

Its full name is Argocat Aurora 950 SX-R 8x8i. This is a multi-role, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), which also comes with a trailer.

The Argocat helps when responding to wildfires, as it's fitted with a fire fogging (water-misting) system and has the ability to produce foam. The trailer is useful for delivering equipment to off-road areas that a normal appliance can't reach.

What it looks like


Where it's used

It's strategically based around the two counties to support wildfire response plans. The home stations are:

  • Okehampton
  • Bovey Tracey
  • Lynton*
  • Tavistock*
  • Middlemoor*.

*At the time of writing, Argocats at these stations are not yet on the run.

How it's maintained

All vehicles and their equipment are maintained by the Fleet Maintenance team, who are based at one of four workshops throughout the two counties. 

The only exceptions to this are the vehicle's communications systems (radio or mobile data links). These are maintained by the Communications department, which is based at Service Headquarters.

People who crew the vehicle

An OIC (which stands for Officer-In-Charge), a driver or pump operator and up to two other crew as well.

Equipment on the vehicle

  • The Argocat trailer permanently carries a Demon Fire Fogging unit, with a 180-litre water tank.
  • A small electric winch, so that the vehicle can self-recover from difficult terrain or conditions.
  • A selection of various self-recovery equipment.
  • There's also sufficient space for other equipment to be carried if it needs to be transported to an area other appliances can't reach.

The different types

The Argocat is the only type.







3,150mm (including the winch).




Gross vehicle weight



Maximum load capacity



The dimensions listed above do not include the trailer.

Did you know?

The Argocat doesn't have conventional steering controls. Instead, handlebars are used to turn left or right. There are brakes on the inner set of wheels, and the drive is increased to the outer set of wheels, which enables it to turn corners.

As a result of these alternative controls, the vehicle has a much smaller turning circle than a similar-sized vehicle with conventional steering would.