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DSFRS constantly reviews and evaluates how we engage with the community and the activity we undertake. We do this to both ensure value for money and that our services are targeted at those most at risk in our community. As part of this process the Service has considered activities where we are getting an increasing number of requests, these include:

• Work Experience student placements
• Public Service Course students placements and provision of group activities over a number of days
• Supporting National Citizens Service students projects and input into their courses

Historically DSFRS has not allocated any funds to support these areas or work and a number of Safeguarding concerns have been raised when undertaking these activities. In order to address this situation, we would need to increase resources to develop and support how we deliver these activities and redirect funding from other existing community safety activities.

As a result we will no longer be supporting these activities as a service.

This position may change as we continue to review the activity we undertake and we will keep you informed of any changes.

If you have any questions about this or need support in responding to any enquires then please contact the Community Safety Education Team on 01392 872566.

(Information correct as of Spring/Summer 2019)

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