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Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority Local Pensions Board was set up under the Public Services Pensions Act of 2013, to assist the scheme Manager in complying with the regulations and governance of the Firefighters’ Pensions Schemes.

The table below sets out the various functions relating to the Firefighters’ Pensions Schemes and who is responsible for exercising those functions.



Responsible Body

National Level

Provision of advice to the responsible authority, scheme manager and Local Pension Board

The Firefighters’ Pension Scheme Advisory Board

Regulation of all work-based pensions.

The Pensions Regulator

Local Level

Scheme Manager for Firefighters’ Pensions Scheme

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority

Provision of advice and support to the Scheme Manager

Local Pensions Board

Exercise of Discretion under the Schemes

The full Authority, the Human Resources Management & Development Committee or the Chief Fire Officer depending on the actual discretion.

Accountable Principal Officer


Day-to-day Management and Administration of the Schemes

Peninsula Pensions


Local Pensions Board Members

The Local Pensions Board must have an equal number of employer and member representatives. The minimum for the whole Board is 4.

Employer representatives are appointed directly by the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority (as Scheme Manager). The Authority has determined that, for member representatives, an selection process should be undertaken and the responsibility for undertaking this has been delegated to the Director of People and Commercial Services.

Our Employer Representatives:

Mike Pearson

Board Chair

Director of Corporate Services

Amy Webb

Director of Finance

Brian Greenslade

Fire Authority Member

Our Member Representatives

Andy Hallam

Local Risk Manager at Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

Peter Redbourn

Former Station Manager at Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

Bob Walker

Watch Manager, Co-responding & Policy Officer at Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service.


Peninsula Pensions

The Firefighters’ Pensions Schemes are administered by Peninsula Pensions, who can assist with specific queries and general enquiries about the Schemes.

If you have a question about your Firefighters Pensions Scheme, you can contact Peninsula Pensions in the following ways:

Telephone 01392 38300 Option 2 for Pensions




Agendas and Minutes of Previous Local Pensions Board meetings


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