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Measures 7 and 8

Occasions where our response standards are met for the first attendance at dwelling fires and RTCs

Fires where people live...

We introduced a new set of emergency response standards for house fires. These standards were developed through extensive research to ensure that our communities are provided with a response service that is based on local risk.

Our aim is to have our first attendance to a house fire in 10 minutes. This means that from the time the call is placed to the time you will see an appliance arriving on the scene should be within 10 minutes. This includes time for call handling and for retained firefighters turning out to their station as well as the travel time for the appliance to get to the location of the incident.

We have seen some improvements in our performance against this target and are always looking at ways to improve. We have a number of initiatives currently taking place to make sure we achieve this target.

Road Traffic Collisions...

The Fire Services Act 2004 introduced a new responsibility for fire and rescue services to attend road traffic collisions. Our extensive research highlighted the following key issues:

  • the primary method for getting casualties out of a vehicle is through the roof
  • extracting a casualty normally takes between 20 and 40 minutes
  • the fire service personnel are often alone at the incident for some time
  • the fire personnel on scene used a comprehensive range of equipment.

Our aim is to ensure our first appliance attends the scene within 15 minutes.

Our performance figures are updated every three months. Find out how we are doing, by reading our latest performance report (PDF).

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