The role of a firefighter

The role of a firefighter

A firefighter does more than put out fires. That’s just one of many things that a firefighter does. Because as well as extinguishing flames and saving people from danger, a firefighter also helps with hazardous materials, road traffic incidents, medical emergencies, floods, and even rescues cats in trees (yes, really).

And to stop things like this from happening in the first place, our crews also carry out work with the local community, from fitting smoke alarms, supporting businesses with fire prevention and working with the police to keep our roads collision-free.

Types of firefighters

A second family

Being a firefighter is like having a second family. You’ll form a tight bond with your team, and they’ll always have your back.

A sense of purpose

Knowing that each morning, you might just save someone’s life that day. And your motivation in the role will help motivate you in everything else you do too.

New challenges

Every day is different, and each incident brings new challenges. One minute you could be dealing with a chemical spill, the next a vehicle fire.

New and transferable skills

Thinking fast, communicating quickly and keeping calm in a crisis are just some of the skills you’ll fine tune as a firefighter. From first-aid to health and safety, you’ll build skills in areas that will also benefit your day-to-day role.

Our wholetime firefighters

Our on-call firefighters

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