Community Risk Management Plan 2022-2027

Community Risk Management Plan 2022-2027

Each fire and rescue authority has a statutory duty to produce a Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP). Our CRMP sets out the key challenges and risks facing our communities and how we intend to meet and reduce them. It demonstrates how our protection, prevention and response activities have and will be used collectively to prevent and/or mitigate fires and other incidents.

This integrated approach will keep you safe and reduce the impact of emergencies on people, businesses and the local economy. We protect over 1.8m people and we will always seek to prevent incidents from occurring; but when you need us, we will respond quickly to minimise harm and economic loss.

This five-year strategic plan will be reviewed annually and we will publish the progress reports on our website.


Consultation findings reports

These reports document the findings of the consultation we ran for our CRMP.  

These documents are provided in two different formats for accessibility. ODT files will open with programmes such as Microsoft Word.

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