Storm Ciarán - how you can stay safe

Storm Ciarán - how you can stay safe


Following the Met Office issuing an amber weather warning for very strong winds across Devon and parts of Somerset late on Wednesday 1 November and through until Thursday 2 November, also with yellow warnings for rain elsewhere in our Service area, here is our advice to you.

Stay at home because it’s the safest place to be

With gusts of up to 70mph and 80mph in places, we advise you to avoid travelling during the storm.

Stay at home unless you really need to travel. It’s the safest place to be. If your journey is essential, plan your route in advance and take extra time to travel.

Fallen trees and debris

If you spot fallen trees or debris that is dangerous, contact your local council, unless someone is trapped or injured then please call us.

If there are power cuts

  • Plan ahead and charge devices you might need such as torches, phones and laptops.
  • If you are affected by a power cut, it is the Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) who is responsible for maintaining physical electricity supplies to your home or business. You can contact your local DNO by calling 105.
  • If you need to light your home when you’re without power, we would prefer if you used torches and battery-powered candles rather than candles. If you must use candles, follow our candle safety advice.
  • Don't try and cook using barbecues or using fires inside your home such as wood-burners.
  • Turn off any appliances that may be a fire risk if they switch on when the power comes back on (such as hair dryers or electric hobs).
  • If you're using a portable heater, keep it a good distance (at least 1 metre) from people or furniture. Do not cover them with anything like clothing.


You can check your flood risk, sign up for free flood warnings and keep up to date with the latest situation on the Environment Agency website, or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

If you are in your vehicle and encounter flood water, do not drive through it.  You don’t know what’s under the water – there could be hidden hazards or it could be deeper than you thought. Just 30cm of water is enough to float a car.

We are sorry that we cannot rescue vehicles that have been driven through floodwater and become stuck unless there is life risk. Try your vehicle recovery company.

Prepare for the storm

Plan for the strong winds and how they could affect your home and garden – secure garden furniture, trampolines, move plant pots if you need to.

Check your home for anything outside that could cause damage in the wind (such as loose guttering or fences).

Safely charge your phone and laptop and check you have batteries for torches in case you have a power cut. Follow our electrical safety advice.

Amber weather warning issued for Storm Ciarán

We are working with partner agencies to respond to the potential impacts of the storm. We are monitoring the latest weather forecasts to ensure we can respond immediately to any emergencies.

The amber warning area indicates a potential risk to life as very strong winds could cause damage to structures with the possibility of flying debris. Flooding as a result of Storm Ciarán is also possible.

The amber warning area highlights the ongoing risk of high impacts such as disruption to power, travel and other services. Damage is also likely for buildings and trees, with beach material being thrown providing another risk near coastlines.

Read our guidance for keeping safe in severe weather conditions.

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