Fleet and equipment

Explore our wide range of fleet below, and learn what vehicles we use as a fire service.

If you've ever wondered how much water a fire engine can hold, how heavy a fire appliance is, or which vehicle types we have, you'll find the answers here.

  • Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP) - where water needs to be distributed from above, the ALP comes in very useful.
  • Argocat - an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) that's very helpful when responding to wildfires.
  • Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) - support at incidents where there's a risk of exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Groundhog - part of our wildfire response, it's designed for off-road use and is able to cross difficult terrain.
  • Heavy Rescue Tender (HRT) - used to deliver specialist and extra equipment to Road Traffic Collisions, and supports at rail crashes.
  • Pinzgauer (Pinz) - an ATV which provides the first response to the Somerset levels in case of serious flooding.
  • Prime Mover - a vehicle fitted with a hook lift, able to carry Service Pods or containers to incidents.
  • Water carrier - as it sounds, this vehicle carries large amounts of water - and sometimes foam - to incidents.
  • Water rescue equipment - an inflatable boat or raft with certain equipment alongside to help at different types of incident.
  • 4x4 Light Vehicle - this has multiple roles: co-responding, carrying pumps, specialist rescue operations and general transportation.

See our fleet list

The list shows the make, model, type of vehicle and which station is using it.

Fleet list

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