Property fire:Residential; PL19 9; 18-Jan-2023 14:45:25


Property fire

2.45pm - 18 January 2023
Last updated
4.43pm - 18 January 2023
Incident type
Attending station

Fire Control received reports of an alarm sounding at the above location this afternoon.

One fire engine from Tavistock station was mobilised. On arrival crews confirmed that there was a small fire in the motor room of one of the lifts. The fire was out on arrival. Whilst on scene however the fire crew also found that there was one person stuck in another lift within the building.

Crews requested the support a further fire engine which was also mobilised from Tavistock to assist in freeing one female occupant stuck in the lift.

Crews confirmed that damage was likely limited to a single component within the lift motor. A lift engineer has been contacted to attend site.

The cause of the fire was accidental.


These are the final details for this incident.


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