Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle safety

We’re sure you already know about the key precautions you should take, such as:

  • wearing proper safety clothing to avoid serious injury
  • maintaining your bike so it’s in tip-top condition
  • and appreciating the impact weather conditions can have on your journey.

However, you may not be aware of the support we offer. Here you’ll find out about our fantastic, free workshops and learn more about what we can do to help you ride safely.

What we recommend for the road

2. The what3words app

It’s easier than you may think to end up lost on the roads. The last thing you need in an emergency situation is to be unable to explain where you are.

With the what3words app, you are given three words that can be used to describe your exact location to the emergency services. You can install this on your phone for free.

Our partners


Our Fire Bike team cover Devon and Somerset. Our work in Somerset is largely supported by Somerset Road Safety, with who we work closely. You can find out more about them on their website.

Other events and campaigns to look out for

  • No More Flowers/Pitstops. As we sometimes struggle to reach people, our team are going to place themselves at pitstops, so we can meet bikers and talk to them on the road. If you see us on your travels, come and say hello!
  • Raise Your Ride. Our partners at Somerset Road Safety are sharing some friendly tips and ways to stay safe whilst riding. You can find out more on Somerset Road Safety’s website.

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