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Have your say

We aim to consult and get feedback on our services so that we understand our communities’ needs and expectations and can develop our services to meet these needs.

One of the principles that underline the approach we take in delivering 'Our Vision' is one of active consultation and engagement with staff, partners, stakeholders and the public.

Here you'll find information on how we engage with our communities, how to take part in our current consultations and the results of previous consultations.

About our Service

We have 83 fire stations with almost 2,000 staff, helping to keep the 1.8 million people who live in the two counties safe. We protect 820,000 households, 74,000 businesses, and a further 1.1 million visitors a year.

On average, we attend 15,700 incidents every year and provide home safety advice to more than 18,000 households. These include flooding, road traffic collisions, fires, and other emergencies.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority is the publicly accountable body that manages the fire and rescue service on behalf of the communities of Devon and Somerset. The Authority is committed to the Service's ambitious plans to end preventable fire and rescue emergencies across the two counties. More details about our plans to modernise and improve our Service can be found in our Community Risk Management Plan.

Council tax

We receive part of our funding from council tax, known as the precept, and business rates. The current council tax charge from the fire and rescue service is £96.79 a year for a Band D household.

Every year, we consult local communities to find out their views about the level of precept we receive. The answers we get help with annual budget setting and determine if the Service is currently perceived to be providing value for money.

Our survey for the 2024/25 precept closed at midday on 30 November 2023.

Last year, 62% of people who responded agreed that it would be reasonable for the Authority to consider an increase, with the 36% selecting the £5 increase. The decision was made to increase the fire and rescue precept by £5 for a band D property (pro-rata for other bands), to £96.79 for 2022/23.

Further information about our spend and income.

Council tax survey 2023/24 results

In 2022 we listened to peoples’ views through telephone surveys with 400 residents and 400 businesses, as well as hosting an online survey which received more than 500 responses.

The online survey told us that most respondents, 63 per cent, agreed that we provide good value for money, with 62 per cent agreeing it would be reasonable to consider an increase to the precept.

When asked what amount would be reasonable to consider:

  • 36% said £5, 
  • 25% said 1.99%, 
  • 18% said 1%, and 
  • 21% said no increase should be considered.

When surveyed on the phone, the percentage of respondents who agreed it would be reasonable to consider an increase to the precept rose to 67 per cent of businesses and 78 per cent of residents. The percentage of residents who agreed £5 would be a reasonable increase rose to 47 per cent in the telephone surveys, with 38 per cent of businesses also selecting £5.

23 per cent of businesses and residents considered a 1.99 per cent increase reasonable, whilst 13 per cent of businesses and 9 per cent of residents answered no increase.

Community Risk Management Plan

Our Community Risk Management Plan (2022-2027) outlines the risks in our communities and how we plan to manage those risks to make people safer. When developing the pan, we looked at our data and listened to what our staff, partners and those who live and work in Devon and Somerset told us. All of the feedback was considered and, where appropriate, changes included in the final plan.

To find out more, visit our Community Risk Management Plan page.

Get in touch


You can send us feedback, general comments or questions in the following ways.

Write to us:

Consultation Officer
Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service HQ
Clyst St George

Phone: 01392 872354

You can also visit our compliments and complaints pages for more information.

Source URL: https://www.dsfire.gov.uk/about-us/have-your-say

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