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Have your say

We aim to consult and seek feedback on all of our services to ensure that we understand our communities’ needs and expectations so we can develop our services to meet these needs.

One of the key principles that underline the approach we take in delivering 'Our Vision' is one of active consultation and engagement with staff, partners, stakeholders and the public.

Here you'll find information on how we engage with our communities, how to take part in our current consultations and the results of previous consultations.

Community Risk Management Plan

Our Community Risk Management Plan (2022-2027) outlines the risks in our communities and how we plan to manage those risks to make people safer. When developing the pan, we looked at our data and listened to what our staff, partners and those who live and work in Devon and Somerset told us. All of the feedback was considered and, where appropriate, changes included in the final plan.

To find out more, visit our Community Risk Management Plan page.

Council tax survey 2022/23

Each year, the Fire Authority sets the Service’s revenue budget and level of council tax it receives (precept). Thank you to those who answered questions relating to council tax contribution and if we offer value for money. 400 residents and 401 businesses gave feedback with more than two-thirds of respondents agreeing that an increase in council tax levels was reasonable.

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Send us your feedback

You can send us feedback, general comments or questions in the following ways.

Write to us:

Consultation Officer
Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service HQ
Clyst St George

Phone: 01392 872354

You can also visit our compliments and complaints pages for more information.

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