Top causes of rescues and how to avoid them

Top causes of rescues and how to avoid them

We do more than just put out fires; we rescue people too. Did you know that we attend more road incidents than fires each year?

There are things that you can do to keep yourself, others and animals safe. Follow our guidance around the top three rescue operations.

2. Water safety

More than half of the people who drown had no intention of entering the water. To keep yourself and others safe around water, make sure that you:

  • never leave children unattended near water
  • are careful when exercising near water if it’s slippery underfoot
  • swim where lifeguards are present. Swimming in quarries, lakes, reservoirs and canals is really dangerous
  • pay attention to warning signs and the safety flags at the beach
  • are aware of any hidden dangers in the water, like strong undercurrents and underwater plants
  • are aware of rip currents. Swim parallel to the shore if you’re ever caught in one.

Find out more about water safety.

Make sure you know your location, so if you need to dial 999 you know exactly where you are if you or someone else gets into trouble. We recommend you use the What3Words app to help locate yourself and others.

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