Our financial resources

Our financial resources

We receive funding each year from a combination of local taxation business rates (NNDR) and council tax (precept) as well as receiving central government grants. This funding is used to pay for our day-to-day expenses such as our workforce, fuel, heat and light, and to provide the systems, resources and infrastructure needed to support our services.


Total funding as of 2022/23 of £77.2 million for the financial year 2022/23 from the following sources.

  • Council tax -  £57.2 million
  • Non-domestic business rates - £13.4 million
  • Central government grants - £6.6 million

There are also financial reserves to help pay for specific projects and to reduce the amount we need to borrow.

Cost of running the Service

The total net cost of running Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service for the 2022/23  financial year is £77.2 million, which equates to approximately £42 a year per person. These costs cover:

  • Workforce - £72.4 million
  • Premises and fleet - £7.5 million
  • Other - £13.8 million*
  • Income - £12.3 million*
  • Transfer from reserves - £4.2 million

*this includes: equipment and furniture (mostly equipment on appliances), information and communication technology, and loans and leases.

**such as Government grants for Covid-19, Fire Protection Grant, Mobile Communications, Urban Search and Rescue. 

We continue to make affordable and sustainable capital investments, such as the re-development of our estate and fleet.

We are required to deliver a balanced budget, meaning outgoings do not exceed income. We will use the resources available in the best way to minimise the impact of risk to our communities. Further information about spending, including the medium-term financial plan is available on our what we spend page.

Giving your feedback

Each year we gather feedback about council tax contribution and value for money of the Service, usually around November time. This is then considered by the Fire Authority.

For more information visit the have your say page.

Source URL: https://www.dsfire.gov.uk/about-us/our-financial-resources

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