Our new Medium Rescue Pumps

Our new Medium Rescue Pumps


Six of our fire stations have now received our new MRPs. They are Torquay, Taunton Crownhill, Danes Castle, Bridgwater, and Camels Head. This marks the start of our 10-year replacement programme for MRPs throughout our two counties and is part of our continual investment into our fleet. The programme ensures that we have fit-for-purpose vehicles that match our resources to risk within our communities.  

These new vehicles are fitted with the latest technology and equipment. Importantly, they have had input from operational colleagues throughout their development. 

Watch Manager, James Tribble from Torquay said: “Red Watch were very impressed with all the new equipment on the MRPs. It’s good to see investment where it matters. The battery-operated tools, airbags, and stabilisation equipment will save valuable time at an incident and will also free up an operational role that is often lost at Road Traffic Incidents (RTC’s) incidents.

“The benefit to the public is this will mean quicker, quieter rescues as they will not have loud petrol engines screaming in the background. The welfare and comfort of firefighters riding in the appliance have greatly improved. The new hose reels will get the most use and be ultra-effective on a wider range of incidents.”

The latest technology 

The MRP pump is built on a Volvo chassis with a fully automatic six-speed gearbox. They have fully adjustable front and rear air suspension which will improve crew comfort and enable improved manual handling. In the cab, there are three complete breathing apparatus (BA) sets, five facemasks, and thermal imaging cameras (TIC). 

In the main body of the MRP we have the latest battery-operated tools. These include a cutter, spreader, and a ram for RTC rescues. As they are battery-operated, they are quick and easy to use, more reliable, and have fewer restrictions than the old hydraulic hoses which needed to be plugged in. Plus, they provide a quieter environment for casualties

Every new MRP has the latest stabilisation struts to hold a vehicle in place during an incident. Plus, a tirfor winch, a device that can be used to lift and pull heavy loads, and a new battery-operated Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fan.

Each vehicle is fitted with a new 52 mm lay flat hose, 70 mm lay flat hose, and 22 mm high-pressure hose reel. These allow us to fight larger fires more effectively with more water. Particularly for wind-driven, large fires or basement fires. 

This pump is also equipped with a full foam system. This is Class A foam that’s suitable for flammable solid materials, as well as Class B foam, suitable for flammable liquids. This is the first time that we've had that capability all together in one fire engine, so it means this vehicle can put out fires for a wider variety of incidents.

On the roof is a folding roof ladder, a first-floor triple extension ladder, and a 135 ladder on the roof.

An overview of the contents of the MRP

Ross Phillips from our fleet research and development department gives a tour of the contents within an MRP.

Source URL: https://www.dsfire.gov.uk/news/our-new-medium-rescue-pumps-2

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