Imagine escaping the everyday and making a difference, every day. Imagine loving what you do. Imagine being part of a supportive team, one that helps you become the best version of you.

And imagine if what you did saved lives.

Here at Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, you’ll do just that. Whether you’re a firefighter, Fire Control operator, or one of our support staff, the work that you do helps keep our community safe.

Our values

We are proud to help

We show this by doing what we say we will do and seeing things through to the end, demonstrating high standards, working hard and doing our best to get the right outcomes, being motivated, keen and willing to give things a go.

We are honest

We show this by being open, clear and realistic, admitting and learning from mistakes, showing trust and being trustworthy, being responsible and accountable.

We are respectful

We show this by being consistent and giving credit where it's due, always being polite, considerate and treating people fairly, genuinely listening, involving and engaging others, being inclusive to all.

We are working together

We show this by understanding others needs and appreciating their demands, positively challenging, sharing ideas and giving feedback, supporting others and giving practical help and advice, being willing to adapt and change to get the best results.

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