Our values

Our values

These values set out what the Service stands for and what matters most to us as individuals and as an organisation.


We are proud to help

Doing the things we say we will do and seeing things through to the end. Demonstrating high standards. Working hard and doing our best to get the right outcomes. Being motivated, keen and willing to give things a go.

We are honest

Being open and clear and realistic. Admitting to and learning from mistakes. Showing trust and being trustworthy. Being responsible and accountable.

We are respectful

Being consistent and giving credit where it’s due. Always being polite, considerate and treating people fairly. Genuinely listening, involving and engaging others. Being inclusive to all.

We work together

Understanding others’ needs and appreciating their demands. Positively challenging, sharing ideas, and giving feedback. Supporting others and giving practical help and advice. Being willing to adapt and change to get the best results.

Code of ethics

The National Chiefs Fire Council sets out a code of ethics for all fire and rescue services in the UK.

With our values in mind, we will always:

  • put the interests of the public, the community, and service users first
  • act with integrity including being open, honest, and consistent in everything that we do
  • treat people with dignity and respect, making decisions objectively based on evidence, without discrimination or bias
  • be positive role models, always demonstrating flexible and resilient leadership. And be accountable for everything we do and challenge all behaviour that falls short of the highest standards
  • recognise and promote the value of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, both within the Service and the wider communities in which we serve. We stand against all forms of discrimination, create equal opportunities, promote equality, foster good relations, and celebrate difference.

Source URL: https://www.dsfire.gov.uk/our-values

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