Get support on fire safety for your business

Get support on fire safety for your business


We’re urging local businesses that have reopened their doors, not to overlook fire safety and ensure it remains a top priority in the workplace.

Many businesses had to close their doors or change their ways of working due to the covid-19 pandemic. Now, as they have now reopened, business owners and Responsible Persons (RPs) must consider their fire safety measures.

Business Safety Week

This week is the National Fire Chiefs Council’s Business Safety Week (6-12 September) which aims to make businesses aware of their fire safety responsibilities, so they comply with legislation to keep both premises and occupants safe from fire.

This week, we remind businesses to:

  1. Update your fire risk assessment to reflect any changes your business has made in response to the pandemic in the workplace. Read about how to write a fire risk assessment.
  2. Ensure staff fire safety training is in place. Staff must be suitably trained and your fire equipment checked and maintained. Ensure any Covid-secure measures do not compromise the fire safety of your staff members or premises.
  3. Lower the risk of arson. Most arson attacks are unplanned and opportunistic. Follow our top tips to protect your premises.
  4. Reduce false alarms in your workplace. Any unwanted alarm will have an impact on business productivity and increases pressure on the fire service. Make sure you prevent false alarms from happening.

Business safety advice

Our Business Safety team can provide free help, advice and guidance to any business in Devon and Somerset.

Phone: 01392 872567
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Risk assessment queries

Whilst we can’t write your risk assessment for you - we can help you find a risk assessor.

“We understand the pressures local businesses in Devon and Somerset are facing, which is why we are committed to helping with their fire safety requirements. I encourage business owners to refer to our business safety tips and information on our website. Keep your business fire safe and within the law”.

- Michelle Purchase, Deputy Community Safety Protection Capability Lead

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