Verifying it's us visiting you

We are often out and about in our local communities doing work other than fighting fires. Part of this work means we may visit you at home or visit premises for an inspection.

We may be doing a free home safety visit, sharing free safety advice or visiting people who have had a fire nearby in their neighbourhood.

Checking the identity of a fire safety inspector

Anyone carrying out an inspection from the Service will carry photo identification and an authorisation card.

If you receive an unannounced inspection, you can ask to see their identification. Our officers will also be happy to explain our powers and rights to you.

If you would like to confirm the identity of one of our officers you can call us on 01392 872567, Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm). For out of hours officer verification, please phone 0333 399 0014.

Not all of our inspecting officers wear a uniform or drive a marked vehicle but they will always be happy to show you identification and explain the reason for the visit.

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