Property fire:Commercial / industrial; Somewhere in BA22 8; 11-Feb-2023 01:41:31


Property fire

1.41am - 11 February 2023
Last updated
1.21pm - 12 February 2023
Incident type
Commercial / industrial
Chilton Cantelo
Attending station
Clyst St George
Castle Cary

Fire Control received a call from a member of the public stating a car on fire outside a commercial premises. 

Control immediately mobilised 1 Fire Engine from Yeovil to attend this incident. 

Once on scene crews immediately requested assistance in the form of 'Make Pumps 4 and Make Water Carriers 1' due to the fire having spread to the adjacent commercial premises. 

Crews confirmed a commercial premises well alight containing numerous Motor Vehicles crews at this point were working with 2 Hose Reel Jets and 1 Safety Jet to prevent further escalation. 

A further assistance message came in 'Make Aerial Appliances 1' this was required to assist crews with firefighting from above. 


Another assistance message was passed to control for 'Make Water Carriers 2' owing to low water supply in the area. 

Crews are now at work using 2 Breathing Apparatus and 3 x 45mm Attack Jets - The incident has been sectorised.

This was immediately followed by 'Make Pumps 6' assistance message for Water. 

Crews were at work setting up the Aerial Ladder Platform to attack the fire from above as well as using 4 x 45mm Attack Jets - at this time Breathing Apparatus has been discontinued and Crews have successfully retrieved 3LPG cylinders from the premises.


Crews are working to extinguish the fire externally and are in the process of scaling the incident back to 3 x Fire Engines, 1 Water Carrier, and 1 Aerial Ladder Platform. 


Stop message has been received from this incident. 1 x commercial building measuring 15 x 30 Metres consisting of 1 storey steel and block construction, premises is used as a commercial vehicle workshop and spray painting booth - fire affected 100% of premises as well as numerous vehicles externally to building - 2 x 45mm attack jets - 4 Breathing Apparatus - 1 Aerial Ladder Platform - 2 Water Carriers - Crews will be revisiting the premises today at 11:00 - there will be no further updates onm this incident. 

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