Property fire:Domestic; PL3 4; 06-Dec-2022 23:20:38


Property fire

11.20pm - 06 December 2022
Last updated
1.11pm - 07 December 2022
Incident type
Attending station
Camels Head
Clyst St George

Fire Crews from around Plymouth attended a fire which had spread from the rear garden of a property to the house and adjacent properties. Initial crews requested an additional 3 appliances to attend due to a well developed fire and the need for further personnel. Neighbouring premises were evacuated whilst crews used a hose reel jet to tackle the fire. All utilities to the property were isolated to prevent escalation and Breathing Apparatus wearers were increased to 4 with 2 hose reel jets and a safety jet in use.

At 00:24 Crews were cutting away and damping down as the fire was now extinguished. Breathing Apparatus wearers had also increased to 6 as the fire was also involving the adjacent property affecting the first floor bedroom external window and wall. 

A ground floor dining room was 100% damaged by fire and the remainder of the premises was smoke logged. A total of 6 BA 2 Hose Reel Jets, 2 Safety Jets, 1 Triple Extension Ladder and 3 Thermal Imaging Cameras were used throughout the incident. 

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