Our people

Our people

There’s a great team ethos across the Service – likened by many as like a strong family.

We know the importance of what we do. And we’re all pulling together to make our communities safer.

We are resolved to improve the diversity of all kinds in our workforce. We are making steps forward, but our gender and Black and minority ethnic diversity is a long way from where it needs to be.

We are proud of our people and their dedication to the safety of the communities in Devon and Somerset and all those who visit our counties. They dedicate much of their lives to making a difference – especially as the vast majority of operational staff are on-call.

We want to ensure that the people who deliver our services are supported to have a better work-life balance, have more opportunities to develop new skills and progress, are more empowered, and are involved in shaping better services for the community.

Executive board

Our executive board are led by the Chief Fire Officer and set the direction and strategy for the Service. They ensure the Service is effective and efficient for the communities and people of Devon and Somerset.

Learn more about our executive board

Equality and diversity

We are committed to treating everyone fairly and improving diversity across our workforce. Learn more about what we're doing to improve and our latest facts and figures around diversity in our Service.

Find out more about our commitment to equality and diversity 

Join our team

We are currently recruiting for on-call firefighters across our Service. If you're interested in becoming a firefighter, visit our careers pages to find out more about what's involved. 

Our latest support and control room vacancies can be found on our vacancies page

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