Camels Head Fire Station

Ferndale Road
United Kingdom

01392 872200
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Camels Head Fire Station will undergo a refurbishment and redesign to become a more modern, practical space. Our Estates department is leading a team of consultants in this work which will start in spring 2022 and complete in 2023.

This work forms part of our estate improvement programme ensuring our firefighters and local communities remain safe and fully supported. 

The refurbishment will:

  • improve thermal efficiency
  • safeguard the structural frame against environmental deterioration
  • address historic issues of moisture and dampness.

The redesign of the internal accommodation will prevent any cross-contamination between operational and administrative areas, improving the operational movement throughout the building.

Diversity, inclusion, and sustainability are key considerations for this project. These include the creation of self-contained restrooms and gender-neutral welfare facilities. An emphasis will be placed on low carbon technologies and a large proportion of the building's energy usage will be generated by renewable sources.

Throughout the work, all of the wholetime crews will remain on-site and be fully operational.

At set times crews will move to different parts of the building, creating vacant areas that can be refurbished.

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