Primary school fire safety visits

Primary school fire safety visits

The focus of our visits to primary schools is prevention and encouraging safe behaviour when around fire.

What we teach

Our education programmes are delivered by a specially trained team of advocates. Each session is age-appropriate and aims to help children identify risks in everyday situations and help them make informed choices when it comes to safe behaviour.

We are cautious not to overwhelm children or make them feel anxious and responsible for keeping others safe - or to put themselves at risk by dealing with fire hazards themselves.

We encourage children to share these important messages with their friends and families, helping keep them safe too. However, the responsibility for making their home safer is still very much placed with their parents and carers.

Year 2

Our sessions cover:

  • the roles of the fire and rescue service (fire, road and water)
  • how simple risks can be reduced
  • the dangers of smoke and why smoke alarms are important
  • who to contact in an emergency
  • the feelings that you have if a situation feels unsafe and who to tell.

Year 5

Our sessions cover:

  • hazards and risks in familiar settings (fire, road and water)
  • what you can do to reduce risk and prevent a fire starting, around the home and outside
  • when and when not to call the emergency services
  • how easily a fire starts and can get out of control
  • what to do if a situation makes you feel unsafe.

What to expect

  • Age-appropriate sessions that include different learning styles so that every child can fully participate in the session.
  • Content that builds on prior knowledge and understanding and that links to the PSHE Curriculum.
  • Sessions that are delivered in a sensitive and reassuring way by trained and experienced Education Advocates.

What not to expect

  • A visit from firefighters with a real fire engine.
  • Demonstrations using real fire.
  • Sessions to whole year groups or in an assembly setting. We’ve found that this isn’t a great way to talk to children about fire safety, as key messages can be missed.
  • Standalone visits for year groups or classes.

Bookings and enquiries

School education visits are booked directly with schools, by our Education team or you can request a visit using our online form.

We need at least five weeks' notice for a visit request.

Please do not approach fire stations or firefighters to arrange school visits.

If you've got any questions, please get in touch via

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