Find a fire risk assessor

Find a fire risk assessor

For many premises, we strongly recommend that you get a competent assessor to do your fire risk assessment for you.

We cannot carry out a fire risk assessment for you and we can't recommend individual assessors or companies.

Our guide will help you find a competent risk assessor.

How to find a competent risk assessor

There are many skilled and competent fire risk assessors who advertise their services locally.

When looking for an assessor you should:

  • get at least two quotes from different providers
  • look for someone with third-party accreditation or from a register (see our list of registers).

We cannot recommend individual assessors or service providers.

If you need more guidance you can download guides on choosing a competent fire risk assessor and a list of competency criteria written by the National Fire Chief’s Council.

Where to look for a fire risk assessor

These organisations hold registers of risk assessors and will help you find a competent risk assessor in your local area.

If you are a risk assessor and do not belong to one of these registers you may like to consider joining.

Alternatively, if you already belong to a register that is not listed here please send details of the register to for consideration to be included on this page.

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