Make a complaint

Make a complaint

We always try to deliver our services to the highest standards. If you are unhappy about something please let us know so we can try and improve. All complaints are treated seriously and will be investigated impartially.

We accept complaints about our staff, the services we provide and any other aspect of the Service.

There is a separate process for complaints about Fire Authority Members and their code of conduct.

If you want to complain about fire safety in a business please see our information on how to report a fire risk.

How to make a complaint

To process your complaint, we need will need to know:

  • your name, address, telephone number, and preferred method of contact
  • what happened 
  • when and where it took place.

It would also be useful if you can include: 

  • who the complaint is about 
  • what outcome you are hoping for.

Where to send your complaint

To make a complaint or ask any questions about our complaints process:

Complaints Officer
Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
Clyst St George
EX3 0NW.

See our complaints policy

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Feedback and complaints procedure.pdf
Feedback and complaints policy.odt
Feedback and complaints policy.pdf

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