Preparing for the online tests

Preparing for the online tests

As part of the recruitment process to become an on-call or wholetime firefighter, if you are unable to provide evidence of having GCSE’s or equivalent in Maths and English at grade C/4 or above, we will require you to take two online tests.

Verbal reasoning test

Time limit: 15 minutes

In this test, questions will be presented as short passages of information about a specific topic. You’ll need to decide whether the statements are true, false, or not possible to say. Your decision-making process should only rely on the information in front of you. This will assess your ability to interpret and evaluate verbal information.

Numerical reasoning test

Time limit: 18 minutes

This test looks at your ability to interpret and analyse numerical information. This will be presented to you in a graph, table or short passage. You’ll need to be able to calculate basic equations that are similar to GCSE level. You’ll need to consider how the problem can be solved and identify the information to do so before you do the calculations. You can use a calculator.

Firefighters need to be able to make basic mathematical calculations, for things like interpreting gauges or calculating how much hose is needed at a fire.

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