Developing our Service

Developing our Service

We are here to protect and save.

We work every day with our communities and partners to prevent emergencies and to make you safer in your home, place of work, and places you visit.

Responding to current and future risks in our two counties by changing the way we work means that we will continue to do this.

Things we need to consider

We need the right availability of firefighters, vehicles, and equipment, where they are needed, to ensure that we can give the right response, at the right time, while making efficient use of these resources.

We need to have the right capacity to deliver targeted prevention and protection activities in our communities, focusing on the known risks in each area.

We also need to make significant financial savings. The funding we receive is changing, with anticipated reduced grants from central government. Alongside this, costs are increasing, so we will need to meet a potentially significant revenue shortfall to enable the Service provision to continue.

Where we're investing

  • Stations - refurbishing or rebuilding where required.
  • Fleet - replacing older fire engines and looking at new types of vehicles.
  • Equipment for our firefighters, such as new lightweight Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and escape hoods.
  • Improved digital technology to support our work.

Community Risk Management Plan

Our Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) runs from April 2022 until 2027.

Safer Together

In 2019 we undertook detailed research and analysis to assess the risks in our communities. This was the start of a change programme we called Safer Together

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