Outdoor fire:Recycling and landfill; EX2 8; 29-Apr-2023 16:47:49


Outdoor fire

4.47pm - 29 April 2023
Last updated
2.19pm - 30 April 2023
Incident type
Recycling and landfill
Attending station
Newton Abbot
Danes Castle

Crews were called to a large rubbish fire at the recycling centre. On arrival crews requested the aerial ladder platform and a fourth appliance. Crews got to work with hose reel jets and awaited all resources to attend.

Crews then began using 4 compressed air foam jets on the fire, with local hydrants being used for water. Steady progress was made tackling the blaze. 

At 18:11, the incident was scaled back to 2 fire appliances and the aerial appliance.

At 19:20 hrs, the message was passed to say the incident was in its closing stages. This was confirmed as one lorry trailer and 4 tonnes of mixed recycling waste involved in fire, extinguished by crews. The cause of the fire was deemed as accidental ignition.

Source URL: https://www.dsfire.gov.uk/incidents/outdoor-fire-2023-04-29-16-47

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