Fire safety inspections on holiday lets

Fire safety inspections on holiday lets

We have a legal responsibility to make sure you are complying with fire safety law and you are managing the fire risks adequately.

When we carry out an inspection on a self-catering holiday let, we will consider the size, layout, construction, and use of the premises. We will look at the adequacy of fire safety standards and the associated risks.

What we expect

  • An appropriate fire detection and warning system for the size and type of premises.
  • Measures to ensure people can see their way out should the mains lighting fail.
  • Clearly defined escape routes kept free of blockages.
  • Doors on escape routes, including bedroom doors, and final exit doors, should be simple to open without the use of a key.
  • Self-closing solid fitting timber internal doors where distances are less than 12 metres. They will protect escape routes and separate high fire risk rooms. For longer travel distances, you will need fire doors to protect escape routes.
  • Information for guests on what to do if they discover a fire or hear the alarm.
  • Evidence of regular testing and maintenance of equipment.
  • Multi-purpose fire extinguishers for each floor, and a fire blanket in the kitchen.
  • Fire exit signs showing alternative fire exits.
  • Well maintained chimneys and wood burners.

Other considerations

  • Furniture and furnishings¬†have an appropriate fire safety label to meet British standards.
  • Carbon monoxide detection (if hazards are present).
  • Barbecue safety and carbon monoxide advice for visitors and guests.
  • If other guidance and legislation apply where accommodation is part of a complex or a site.
  • If your property is listed or a building of significant heritage value. Follow our guidance for fire safety in heritage buildings.

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