Tips to stay warm and save money

Tips to stay warm and save money

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We've seen a lot in the news about energy suppliers offering customers financial incentives for avoiding using energy at certain times of the day.

Our Local Partnership Lead Sallie McKay Roper recently tried an incentive from her energy supplier to switch off her home appliances between 5.30 – 6.30 pm in return for money back on her bills.

Sallie shares her tips for staying safe and warm in your home while taking advantage of incentives.

Sallie found that preparing in advance for the hour switch-off is crucial. Here are her three tips to think about:

1.    Safely light your home

Use battery-operated candles, torches, and a head torch if you have one. Battery-operated candles are the safest to use, they have almost no fire risk at all, plus they last longer. I found using a head torch gave out the best light and illuminated where I was.

2.    Staying warm

Have a blanket ready to keep you warm and try not to move around in semi-darkness so you won’t trip or fall. 

Wood burners and open fireplaces are great ways to keep warm, but you must get your chimney swept at least once a year. Make sure you use the correct fuel, I buy seasoned logs in Autumn, which I know have been dried out properly. Always have a carbon monoxide alarm placed in the room usually on the wall but check the manufacturer’s instructions.

3.    Prepare food and drink in advance

If you want food or a hot drink, make it beforehand. You could make up a flask of warm drink in advance.

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