Business fire safety awareness tool

Business fire safety awareness tool

If you're unsure about your legal responsibilities for fire safety in your business, you can use the business fire safety awareness tool to check your knowledge.

It's an online tool to help small business owners understand their legal duties for fire safety in the workplace.

How the tool works

  • This tool is an interactive virtual tour around fictional premises.
  • It's designed to give you an overview of fire safety responsibilities following a fire risk assessment on your premises. 
  • As you move around the virtual workplace, you'll see potential issues to spot and correct.
  • The tool will also ask you fire safety questions to test your knowledge.

This tool is for general fire safety awareness in the workplace, it is not intended as training tool for completing a fire risk assessment. If you need guidance on your fire risk assessment, please read our guidance on fire risk assessments

The tool was designed by the National Fire Chiefs Council to help business owners learn more about fire safety. 

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