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Group Manager B Vacancies


Group Manager B Vacancies

Closing date: 09:00 on Monday 24 January 2022

We have the following permanent GMB vacancies:
1.    Group Commander, Plymouth Response Group
2.    Group Commander, National Resilience Team 

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Applications are invited from existing suitably experienced and qualified Station Managers or Group Manager. Eligible Station Managers will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a substantive or temporary Station Manager and are competent in role.
  • Have no outstanding performance or discipline issues.
  • Have the approval/endorsement of their Line Manager.

As part of the development program, you will need to complete the IFE Level 4 Certificate (or higher level) or Members grade by APL through the IFE. 

For more information concerning these positions please contact Gerald Taylor.
Please see below ‘one pager’ documents for each of the vacancies.

If you are interested in any of these permanent positions, you will be asked to provide evidence to cover certain criteria. The criteria will provide is detailed in the document below entitled ‘Criteria to Evidence’ and this will provide the basis for shortlisting.

You will need to get your line manager to complete an endorsement form for you – the endorsement form is attached.  If you completed an endorsement form earlier this year with your line manager, there is no need for you to go through a new endorsement process, however you may wish to update your endorsement form to reflect any changes. The selection process will be an interview.

Please ensure that your Line Manager is aware of your application.

Would Line Managers please bring the contents of this advert to the attention of anyone who is eligible to apply who may be on a course/on leave.

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