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Summer safety

It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

We’re asking you to think about the little things you can do to make a big difference. Little things that can reduce the risk of fire – both at home and on holiday this summer.

Little things you can do to stay safe

Here are some little things that could make a big difference in keeping you, your loved ones, and everyone else safe this summer:

1. Before heading out on the road - check your car

Most accidental vehicle fires are due to a lack of maintenance.

We attend between six and seven hundred car fires each year, with a peak in July. You can reduce your risk of having a car fire by making some simple pre-journey checks. Your vehicle manual or a reputable car garage can recommend the little things to look for such as checking oil, tyres and coolant levels.

Don’t ignore warning lights – these are early indicators to a potential problem.


2. Remember the dangers of fire outdoors - both at home and on holiday

We attend many incidents caused by small BBQs and fires getting out of control. There are little things you can do to prevent these fires.

Follow our advice to make sure you’re staying safe around fires outdoors.

3. Protect our countryside - a small spark can start a big fire

Recently, we have seen an increase in outdoor fires, many of these caused by disposable BBQs. Wildfires can begin with just a tiny spark. Fire spreads quickly on dry ground and can sometimes take many days to extinguish. Wildfires have an impact our wildlife, ecosystems and local communities.

You can help us prevent wildfires by:

  • Taking a picnic instead of having a BBQ or a campfire; sandwiches are safer.

  • Take your litter home with you. Discarded cigarettes, disposable BBQs and even glass bottles caught under the summer sun can start a wildfire.


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