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Protect Your Property with Firemark

Firemark is a programme developed by DSFRS that will provide fire and rescue services and their partners with information to support landlords through a short interactive training and advice session. These will be held within local communities.

The materials for the session are dynamic and interactive yet simple enough to enable delivery by any suitable organisation. The Firemark programme covers;



•  An introduction including why we want to help landlords make their investments and businesses safer
•  A baseline assessment of pre-event fire safety knowledge

•  An outline of legislative responsibilities for landlords (Gas Safe, Electrical equipment etc)
•  An introduction to basic risk assessment (on the basis that people already do risk assessments although they may not realise it e.g. when crossing the road)
•  An interactive walk through of a virtual house where participants can complete a basic risk assessment by identifying hazards and risks, identifying and witnessing the consequences and implementing remedial action. Attendees will be guided through this process with clear use of a range of realistic examples.
•  A Landlord/Tenant fire safety guide and assessment document which meets the needs of both Landlord and Tenant with advice for both with a “flip” format so that one side provides landlord guidance, the other for the tenant in one clear concise document.
•  An outline of protective fire safety measures that landlords may consider which will be expressed as three levels;

1. Bronze - Single point smoke alarms
2. Silver - Linked Smoke Alarms, auto shut off devices for cookers etc.
3. Gold - Domestic Sprinkler System and Linked Smoke Alarms

•   Summative assessment of post-event fire safety knowledge to enable an evaluation of improved knowledge/safety.

Interactive Risk Assessment

Can you spot the hazards in our virtual home? Click here to access the interactive risk assessment

Web Based Support

In support of events there will be access to further advice for landlords and tenants with a version of the walk through and risk assessment available as a web based programme to enable attendees to revisit the process of risk assessment to reinforce learning. Tenants can complete the walk through and hazard identification themselves and anyone wishing to learn how to make their home safer could use this package.

If you are interested please contact

All our safety information can be made available in other languages. Please contact 0800 050 2999 to request a copy.

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