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Commercial Services


Total number of contacts made with non-domestic properties

In 2011/12 we made 4,820 contacts with the 63,752 non domestic properties within Devon and Somerset. This equates to 7.6% of the rate-paying non-domestic properties within the Service's area.

These dealings maybe in the form of;

  • A formal in-depth audit
  • A simpler, quicker inspection
  • The provision of advice
  • The education of businesses

We use a targeted approach when carrying out fire protection activities and ensure all dealings with properties are relevant and proportionate to the risk we perceive the property presents to the community.


This graph shows the trend for our interactions with properties in the last 3 years


Total number of consultations responded to for rate-paying non-domestic properties

In 2011/12 there were 3,929 consultations responded to.

Fire services respond to certain organisations when they require our expert opinion on fire safety matters. We receive consultation on Building Regulations applications for new buildings or alterations to existing buildings. Additionally, we are also consulted in respect of licensing applications and also occasionally in the case of planning applications.

It should be noted that the quantity of this work is driven by external demand.


This graph shows the trend for the total number of properties that have been involved in consultations in the last 3 years




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