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Committee Structure

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service has five committees and one working party. They meet regularly and are tied into the full Authority meeting structure. All committee meetings are by law open to the public, although there will be certain items that the public may be excluded from.

Our committees have powers divided between 'Advisory' and 'Matters with Delegated Powers to Act'. Advisory powers mean that the committee will consider matters and if a decision is required will recommend to the full Authority. Matters with delegated power to act are functions the Authority has previously agreed and can be exercised by the committee without further reference back to the full Authority.

The committees are:

Resources Committee
Advises on the council tax precept, budgets, considers financial implications for new proposals. Their matters with delegated powers to act are for tendering, procurement, disposal of stock and equipment, writing off debts and land disposal and acquisition in accordance with the Authority's Financial Regulations. (Seven members)

Human Resources Management and Development Committee
Advises on conditions of service, pensions, health and safety and training. Their matters with delegated powers to act are appointments of the Chief Fire Officer, Treasurer and Clerk as well as code of conduct for employees. (Seven members)

Community Safety and Corporate Planning Committee
Advises on the development of the corporate plan, develops community safety priorities and makes recommendations. Their matters with delegated powers to act are considering community risk, partnership arrangements, and the Authority's partnership framework and approving responses to external consultation documents. (Seven members)

Audit and Performance Review Committee

Advises on the detection and prevention of fraud and corruption. Their matters with delegated powers to act are internal and external audit, monitoring of performance, corporate risk management reports and the statement of accounts. (Seven members)

Determinations and Dispensations Committee
This committee considers the outcomes of investigations into allegations that a Member or Members of the Authority have failed to act in accordance with the Authority's Code of Member Conduct. The committee is assisted in this by an 'independent person' as required by the Localism Act 2011. The committee also determines requests by Members for dispensations from the restrictions to speaking and voting at meetings on matters in which they may hold a disclosable pecuniary interest as defined in Regulations made under the Localism Act.

Capital Programme Working Party
Oversees the development of asset management plans and makes recommendations either to the Resources Committee or the full Authority. It has an advisory role only, with no delegated powers and as such its meetings are not open to the press and public.

A structure chart showing the relationship of the above committees to the Authority, together with the current memberships of the committees, can be found here.

The Terms of Reference for the committees can be found here.

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