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Our engagement principles

Engagement establishes relationships with individuals or groups so more specific interactions can take place. It brings people together to address common issues or solve shared problems. Engagement supports the understanding of a variety of perspectives and listening to a range of views.

These engagement principles outline our commitment to carry out effective and meaningful engagement activities with;

  • our staff
  • partners
  • wider stakeholders and
  • communities

We will offer a range of opportunities for everyone to get actively involved, have their say and work with us to help shape and improve the Service.


We will offer a range of engagement methods which are creative, responsive, sensitive and appropriate to the community and topic, and ensure that each activity is evaluated and lessons learnt underpin future engagement work.


We will undertake engagement activities which are planned, outcome focussed, and that ensure duplication and over consultation is avoided. There is real value in staff and citizens being involved and have the potential to influence and shape the service.


We will ensure that engagement activities are accessible to all and remove barriers by ensuring venues are fully accessible, information is provided in a wide range of languages, formats and styles. Attitudinal barriers are challenged and staff are fully trained and confident in delivering engagement activities.

Results are shared

We will share all engagement activities and outcomes in a timely, accessible way to all involved, and evidence of the impact of involvement is highlighted and celebrated. Results are also shared widely internally and externally, and with partners to inform and encourage others to engage.

Professional and ethical

We will ensure that all engagement activities will be underpinned by a clear rationale and methodology. They will be evaluated and lessons learnt will inform and feed into future activities so there is constant reflection and learning. All information will be treated sensitively and used appropriately as agreed.


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