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Oh no, silly Sooty and Sweep thought it would be a good idea to play with matches in their bedroom. Luckily Richard heard them and took the matches away! Richard reminded them both that it’s very dangerous to play with matches. If you find any lying around then tell your mum or dad or a grown up at once.

Watch our video and sing along with Sooty, Sweep and Richard...

Matches, matches never touch, they can hurt you very much.


Our Firesetter Intervention Programme

Most children show a natural interest and curiosity in fire.

Even if they do not display any firesetting behavior, many children may be fascinated by fire – the glow from a real flame, blowing out their birthday candles, or even watching an adult light up a cigarette.

It is not uncommon for children as young as two years of age to show an interest in fire. However, for some young people this interest develops into something more dangerous.

Our Firesetter Intervention Programme is to help children and young people understand and control the feelings and circumstances that lead them to set fires.

For more information and advice please download our leaflet (PDF) and visit our Firesetters page.



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