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Advice for babysitters

Parents and carers

Before you leave your babysitter alone you should ensure you provide them with the following information.

  • What is the quickest and safest way out of the house if a fire should break out?

  • Where the door and window keys are kept?

  • Where the telephones are located in the house?

  • Emergency contact number/s

  • A family friend or trusted neighbours details who can be contacted in case of an emergency.

  • The location of the nearest telephone outside of the house.

  • Where the smoke alarm is installed? It is a good idea to check this is working before you leave the house.

You can download our handy leaflet (PDF) which has space for you to fill in the details and hand over to your babysitter. It also has lots of useful information for your babysitter.

Our top tips for babysitters

  • If you have been given permission to smoke, always make sure that cigarettes are completely out and cold before you empty the ashtray.

  • Never leave matches or lighters where a child can reach them.

  • Don’t leave ashtrays on upholstered furniture where they could easily tip over.



  • Never leave the kitchen when you have cooking on the stove.

  • If you have to answer the door or telephone, turn the heat off.

  • Make sure that children can’t reach the saucepan handles.

If there is a fire

  • Raise the alarm - don’t waste time investigating, get everyone up and out of the building.

  • If it’s smoky, crawl on the floor where the air is clearer.

  • Once you are outside, stay there - don’t go back in for anything.

  • Call 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service.

If you can’t get out because your escape routes are blocked, get everyone into one room, ideally with a window and a phone.

  • Put bedding around the bottom of the door to block out the smoke, then open the window and shout “HELP, fire!”

  • If you’re on the ground or first floor, you may be able to escape through a window.

  • Use bedding to cushion your fall and lower yourself down carefully. Don’t jump.

  • If you can’t open the window break the glass in the bottom corner. Make jagged edges safe with a towel or blanket.

If clothing catches fire

  • Stop - don’t run, the flames will get worse.
  • Drop - get on the floor.
  • Roll - back and forward quickly until the flames are smothered. You can help by covering the casualty with clothing or blankets and patting to extinguish the flames.


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