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There are a number of myths around On-call Firefighters and how the principals actually work in reality.

On-call Firefighting Myth 1 - ‘It’s only young macho men that are firefighters’

WRONG - Anybody can become a firefighter. We want to reflect our diverse communities and welcome applications from anyone who fits the criteria.

On-call Firefighting Myth 2 - ‘Only the young can become firefighters’

WRONG - There are no upper limitations on age when applying to become a firefighter. (You do however, have to be 18 or over)

On-call Firefighting Myth 3 - 'On-call firefighters stay at their stations until they get called.'

WRONG - On-call firefighters carry pagers whilst on duty. They could be at work or at home and respond when needed.

On-call Firefighting Myth 4 - 'There are beds and a firefighter's pole in every station.'

WRONG - As mentioned previously, On-call firefighters go about their normal working or personal lives and respond when required. They sleep at home in their own beds, within a 5 minute response time.

On-call Firefighting Myth 5 - ‘You can’t wear glasses and be a firefighter’

WRONG - You can still be a valued member of a firefighting team if you wear glasses. See the Recruitment Procedure Tab.

On-call Firefighting Myth 6 - 'Firefighters just put out fires'

WRONG - On-call firefighters respond to a variety of different incidents, such as animal rescues, flooding, assisting other agencies, chemical spills and more.

On-call Firefighting Myth 7 - 'Physical strength is the most important quality for a firefighter.'

WRONG - Numerous qualities combine to make the best firefighters, including the ability to think and act in a calm manner whilst under pressure, communication and team working skills. Not how strong you are. (You do have to have a good level of fitness, detailed on the Recruitment Procedure tab)

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